Saturday, January 12, 2013


I am not good for writing a tutorial.But I am trying my best to explain this.Somebody requested me to give tutorial for the clay jewellery.

Here is the air dry clay. White colour is also available.both can use.

Roll it into desired thickness.Don't use these untencils again in the kitchen.Use seperate rolling plate and rolling pin for this purpose.

Cut the pattern in the clay.I cut a leaf pattern in the chart paper and using that to cut the clay.I have different shape cookie cutters also Or you can use cap of lipstic,bottles etc.

This is the cut out patterns

With small piece of clay make a loop for the pendan for passing the cord.

Here is the finished product.Let it dry.
Use eye pin for the earring

Fix it and let it dry.

Paint using acrylic paint.You can do any design

Here is the box I made for the jewellery.

One set in the box

Another set.Is my tutorial is useful? Please leave a comment.